Cabinet Refacing

A new look while keeping your existing layout

Not all kitchens are suitable candidates for refacing. This alternative is dependant upon the cabinet style, age and condition. Kitchen refacing is used when the customer wants to keep the existing cabinet boxes, but replace the doors. This solution is particularly suitable for those clients who like their kitchen layout as it is currently exists, and the cabinet boxes themselves are in good condition. Changing doors, and if necessary, finished end panels, will have a dramatic impact on the look of your “existing” kitchen


Benefits include:

  • Saving Money: keeping your existing boxes saves you buying new ones. As well, countertops often don’t need replacing
  • Convenience- little or no demolition, less dust, mess and often no other tradespeople required
  • Least disturbance – typical refacing projects can be finished in one to three days. No extended period of eating out
  • Environmental Impact – Keep your existing cabinet boxes out of the landfill, by keeping them in your home

Here are some examples of other things that can be done while refacing your existing kitchen to further enhance its image and functionality:

  • Converting base cabinets with full length doors into deep drawer cabinets for greater accessibility
  • Install new knobs or pulls
  • Add crown moulding and/or light rail detail
  • Have glass panels installed in select new doors
  • Replace countertops
  • Cabinets could possibly be moved (re-arranaged) to improve layout
  • Often cabinets can be added to increase storage and work surface area (popular additions would be desk spaces and pantry cabinets)
  • Modify cabinets for appliances-dishwasher, fridge and micro/fan combo

Want to know if refacing is right for you?

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