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Q. What is the difference between face frame-style cabinets and European frameless style?

The hinge used for European frameless cabinets is a modern, high-tech hinge designed for cabinets. It is comprised of two parts: the hinge and the mounting plate. The hinge mounts in a hole bored in the back of the cabinet door. For frameless cabinets, the mounting plate is installed on the inside surface of the side panel.

For face frame cabinets, the mounting plate is either installed on the edge or on the front surface of the frame.

With frameless-style cabinetry, the door covers the whole face of the cabinet so there is no costly, messy need to re-laminate, paint or refinish the exposed wood between the doors.

Q. In Kitchen Refacing, what do we do with the exposed cabinet areas?

We can either:
  • Keep the existing boxes untouched, if the color matches the new doors
  • You can paint the exposed areas
  • We can cover the exposed areas with matching laminate, wood veneers or finished panels to match the style of your new kitchen

Q. Which one is a better solution, Refacing or Replacing?

The final look of both solutions is very similar. We recommend kitchen refacing when possible for two reasons: to save you money and to keep those perfectly good materials out of the landfill. If your boxes are in good condition and your layout works for you, your savings can be used to purchase other items you may want replaced, like kitchen sinks/taps, appliances, countertops, etc.

Q. If the kitchen doors are not standard sizes, can they be replaced?

All the doors we provide are custom made to fit your needs.

Q. Can I do something to reduce my costs?

Yes. If you are skilled in performing tasks like demolition, disposal or installation, you can save money in labour costs. The less tradespeople or time required for the project, the more you save.

Q. Is kitchen refacing just for small and low-end kitchens?

No, it is suitable for all levels of kitchens. As long as the layout suits your needs and the boxes are in good condition, there is no reason to tear everything out. The larger the kitchen, the bigger the potential savings and all the more materials to be kept out of the landfill.

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